St. Vincent's Church was started in 1868 at the corner of Oregon Street and South Park Avenue. The current church was built in 1914. 

        The parish serves the southeast  side of Oshkosh. Members were primarily of German ancestry and the early immigrants from Bohemia were members of St. Vincent's before Sacred Heart Church was built in 1906. Because the parish was dominated by the Germans, the Irish of the south side petitioned the bishop, in 1893, for their own church and they built St. John The Evangelist church, on South Park Avenue, in 1896.


               Mary Pable, church historian has researched the archives and has more information. When I am able to contact her I will add to this  page.

        25th anniversary program of the St. Boniface Young Men's Society

 Sunday May 25, 1913


                    Overture                                             Orchestra

                    Song                                                   St. Caecilia Choir

                    Willkommen                                       Anton G. Pable

                    March                                                  Orchestra

                    The Catholic Young Men                   Eugene H. Kaudy

                    Song                                                   St. Caecilia Choir 

                    Our Society                                        Christian Grabner

                    Waltz                                                  Orchestra

                    Unsere Ehren Mitgleider                   Mathias J. Baier

                    Song                                                   St Caecilia Choir

                    Unsere Verstorbene Mitgleider         Frank Kriz

                    March                                                  Orchestra

                    The Catholic Church in America       John J. Baumgartner

                    Overture                                              Orchestra

                    Comedy Stunt                                    Christian Grabner

                    Song                                                    St. Caecilia Choir

                Comedy Farce    "Fun in the School Room"    by the Messrs. Jacob Jungwirth, Teacher;

John Glaeser, Hebrew;

Joseph Jungwirth, a sissy boy;

Frank Neustifter, Rube.

                    America                                                By the audience. 

A photocopy of this program is in my possession.

Peter Kinderman
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