Site Created 24 December 1999

31 May 2001

         Created mirror site at the old address  www.members.tripod.com/highholder because now I cannot upload to the angelfire site.
         Report on trip to Germany and Bohemia. Including over ?? pictures. In progress
         New Ebersberger ancestry from Norbert Madl.

30 February 2001

          Temporary page with names and information discovered about 200 new ancestors found in the Trebon, Bohemia archives. These new pages will be an ongoing project. Watch for new pages and changes to existing pages.
          More Photos added: Sacred Heart, Alois Kinderman, FactoriesOther Highholders
          Added a 1908 Sacred Heart Church membership list.
          Added Interment records for 63 people from Riverside Cemetery. Various Kinderman, Winkelbauer and Kellermann pages.
          Added more pictures to WW 1 participants.

30 November  2000    

Moved site to http://www.angelfire.com/wi2/highholder/ 
Reentered all information after computer failure.
Listing of Oshkosh Photographers.
Maps of Oshkosh.
Added more postcards on various pages.
Listing of surnames from war memorial in Bohemia.

30 August 2000

         Listings of Deaths Pre 1907.

30 June 2000 

        Rearranged the picture pages----Many new postcards.
          Listings of Births Pre 1907.
          New links to great maps of Bohemia.

16 February 2000

         Listing of familiar surnames in a register of baptisms at St. Michaels Church in Chicago, IL
          New maps of the Böhmerwald and a drawing of Salnau, Bohemia and  of
               Bischofsreut, Germany
          Listings of marriages, naturalization petitions and naturalization declarations of 
               Bohemians and Bavarians in Oshkosh.        GO HERE

24 December 1999

           Website Created.

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