Johann Wolf
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Johann Wolf Family

All pictures from the collection of John Kraniak

The Johann Wolf family came from Fürstenhut, Bohemia.

johannwolffamily1900.jpg (101601 bytes)

Johann Wolf Family c. 1900

annawolfsipplfamily.jpg (65710 bytes)

Reimund Sippl and Anna Wolf Sippl Family c. 1902

wolffamilyparlor.jpg (65760 bytes)

Wolf Family Parlor at 915 Knapp St. c. 1900

Members of the Wolf family also settled in Aniwa, Shawano County, WI. Wolfhouse2.jpg (119608 bytes)

At the Wolf House

wolfschroederwedding1900.jpg (49862 bytes)

Aloysia Wolf and John Schroeder Wedding

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Johann WOLF

Was born Dec. 1,1843 in Fürstenhut, Bohemia. He married Elisabeth Weisheipel in Bohemia June 1, 1874. He emigrated to Oshkosh, WI in 1891. He brought with him his wife and children; Barbara, Caroline, Anna, John, Aloysia, Therese, Amalia, and Edward. The last child Alois was born in Oshkosh. John was a factory worker at Radford Co. He died Aug. 26, 1923 in Oshkosh, WI.

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