Ignatz Kindermann
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Ignatz Kindermann Family

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Ignatz Kindermann family about 1890 all born in Bohemia.

Ignatz and his wife Marie Jungwirth Kindermann emigrated to America with their children Albina, Johann and Eleanor . They also had with them Franz who was only 9 months old at the time and was Albina's son. They arrived in New York April 10, 1884 on the ship S.S. Main. They were from the village of Schönau, Bohemia. 

One year earlier two of their daughters emigrated on the S.S. Westphalia arriving in New York in March of 1883. Maria Kindermann Putzer traveled with her family to America along with her sister Aloisia.. Also on this ship were Lorenz and Justine Spanbauer and the Carl Winkelbauer and Franz Jungwirth families. 

Ignatz worked at The Paine Lumber Company as a day laborer.

John Kindermann Family 1910

John (son of Ignatz) and Eleanora Kellermann Kindermann lived on 10th street and he worked at Paine Lumber as a machine wood worker. Their children (the first American born generation) dropped the double N in our name. He was born in Schönau, Bohemia and she was from Uhligstal, Bohemia. The villages were about seven miles apart. I don't know if they knew each others family in Bohemia. They married in Oshkosh in 1889. He came to America with his parents in 1884 and she with her parents in 1883.

Alois Kinderman Family 1922

Alois (son of John) and Mary Winkelbauer Kinderman lived on 9th street. He worked in the office at Paine Lumber. He was also a partner with Alois Kinatader when they owned Nigl's Grocery store in the 1920's and 1930's. After that he had his own insurance agency. They were both born in Oshkosh. The Winkelbauer family came from the village of Hirschbergen, Bohemia. 

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