1900 census
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 Below is a list from the 1900 census of Winnebago County, Wisconsin that contains the names of people claiming Bohemia or Austria as a birthplace. Many people that are actually Bohemian will not be listed here because they are listed in the census as German.

No attempt was made to list people from Germany.   Yet.   I will eventually list everyone in the 6th and 13th wards of Oshkosh. 


        Counting the population on the 1900 census in the 6th and half of the 13th ward (E.D. 150) there is a total of 4,716 people. In the 6th---2,566 and the 13th---2,177. There are approximately 593 people that claim a birthplace or parents birthplace other than Germany, Austria or Bohemia, or about 13%. The places claimed are England, Wales, Scotland, Russia, France, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Saxony, Asia, Turkey, Sweden, Prussia, English Canada and the New England states of New York, Vermont, Etc. Not all Germans will be from Bavaria or Austria but most of the names are the same as known surnames from Bavaria and Bohemia. So I am making the assumption that the streets bound by the river on the North, Minnesota Street on the East, 13th or now South Park Avenue on the South, and the city limits on the West   were a very ethnically cohesive neighborhood with the vast majority of the people ancestrally from the Böhmerwald of Germany and Bohemia. The enumeration district 150 is North of 13th street or South Park Ave. E.D. 151 is South of this street and there are Germans present here but there are only few recognized Böhmerwald names such as Paulick and Siebold.


SURNAME = Last name

HOMELAND = Where claimed to be from

WI CITY = Wisconsin city now living in 1900

DATE = Immigration date

WARD = Ward # in Wisconsin city

FIRST NAME = First name of male

WIFE'S NAME = First name of female

E.D. PAGE = Enumeration district of census, page #


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