Ohio Street Civic Association
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The Ohio Street Civic Association was organized in 1933. Small businessmen in the sixth ward got together to form an association for civic promotion, good fellowship and for the betterment of the community. First organized as the Ohio Street Merchants, they soon found it necessary to change their name because they added civic minded members from the community at large. 

            The original officers were: Joseph Poklasny, President; Alois Kinatader, Vice President; Gus Jeshke, Treasurer; and Alois Kinderman, Recording Secretary.

            The charter members of the Association were: Alfred Berger Sr., grocer; Al Beck, grocer; Harold Fischer, garage owner; Frank Granberg, Granberg Press; Gus Jeshke, tavern owner; Ted Spaedtke, tavern owner; Frank Jungwirth, tavern owner; Alois Kinatader and Alois Kinderman, co-operators of Nigl's Grocery; Otto Ilk, Kamm Sausage Co.; Joe Poklasny Sr., Poklasny Funeral Home; Rudolph Novotny, tavern operator; and Frank Sebora, grocer.

            The members created an annual parade through the neighborhood just for children. The annual Children's Parade and Picnic has occurred every year since. Although it has rained the day of the parade it has never rained on the parade and has never cancelled the parade. The parade originally assembled at Sacred Heart School and went down 5th street to Ohio street and then to South Park. Later the parade assembled at Old Franklin School Park and went down 6th street to Ohio Street and then to South Park Street and into South Park. Each participant in the parade is given a bag of treats. Following the parade is a picnic with games, food, music and prizes.

            Among the many projects the association has sponsored are: The Wisconsin Avenue bridge, Ohio Street widening and paving, ornamental lighting on Ohio Street, baseball bleachers at the ball park, building of park shelters in South Park, digging of the water well in South Park, upgrading the wading pool in the park, and the flagpole in South Park. Also many of the benches, playground equipment and shade trees in the park were paid for by the association. They also sponsored and dedicated the monument to Oshkosh soldiers who lost their lives in World War II.

Click here for a great newspaper story about my family's involvement in the association.  

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