Immigrant Surnames
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A listing of names that immigrated to Oshkosh from Bohemia and Bavaria. If known the village will also be listed. Send me an email to add your information. State that it is for this page. A separate Sacred Heart listing is available. They are listed here under Sacred Heart only if they are not listed in another source. I do not have a St. Vincent's listing. People listing Germany on the 1900 census coming someday. Almost all these names are German, some maybe Czech but the people spoke German.






Aberhart Austria 1900 Census
Alwin Sacred Heart 1908 List
Andraschko Bohemia Kuschwarda Larry Andraschko Birth Record
Baier Bohemia 1900 Census
Balda Bohemia 1900 Census
Bareuther Bohemia Asch Rick Bareuther Birth Record
Barta Austria 1900 Census
Bauchel Bohemia 1900 Census
Bauer Bohemia Neudorf Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Bauer Austria Prachatice Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Beauman Austria 1900 Census
Bechman Bohemia 1900 Census
Beck Bohemia 1900 Census
Benderling Sacred Heart 1908 List
Berlinger Sacred Heart 1908 List
Berndoefler Austria 1900 Census
Bernhardt Bohemia 1900 Census
Berta Bohemia 1900 Census
Berger Bohemia Shattawa Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Berger Bohemia Obermoldau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Beutealing Austria 1900 Census
Beyer Bohemia 1900 Census
Bibl Austria 1900 Census
Biebl Bohemia Wallern Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Biebl Bohemia Salnau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Binder Bohemia Kuschwarda Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Binder Bohemia Obermoldau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Binder Bohemia Elcovice Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Blaha Bohemia 1900 Census
Blechinger Austria Laudstrassen Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Blechinger Bohemia Kuschwarda Oshkosh Marriage Records
Blöchl Germany Herzogsreut Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Blöchl Germany Bischofsreut Oshkosh Marriage Records
Blöchl Hungary Szidorfalva Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Blöchl Bohemia Adlerhutte Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Bochner Austria 1900 Census
Bohl Bohemia 1900 Census
Bowman Bohemia 1900 Census
Bradl Bohemia 1900 Census
Daisch? Sacred Heart 1908 List
Dahedl Bohemia 1900 Census
Damler? Austria 1900 Census
Damaschko Sacred Heart 1908 List
Dengler Austria 1900 Census
Dichtel Bohemia 1900 Census
Dobisch Hungary 1900 Census
Dobish Bohemia 1900 Census
Drexler Bohemia Prachatice Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Eberhard Sacred Heart 1908 List
Ebersberger Germany Bischofsreut            Peter Kinderman        Birth Record
Egner Sacred Heart 1908 List
Eisner Austria 1900 Census
Eppinger Bohemia 1900 Census
Erber Bohemia 1900 Census
Eslinger Bohemia 1900 Census
Fashingbauer Bohemia 1900 Census
Fenzl Germany Freyung Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Feourman? Bohemia 1900 Census
Firar Bohemia 1900 Census
Fischer Sacred Heart 1908 List
Foreman Austria 1900 Census
Freidel Bohemia 1900 Census
Fretschel Bohemia 1900 Census
Fuchs Bohemia Kuschwarda Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Fuchs Germany Grainet Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Gams Sacred Heart 1908 List
Garrice Austria 1900 Census
Geirens Sacred Heart 1908 List
Glauber Austria 1900 Census
Golomb Hungary 1900 Census
Goodman Hungary 1900 Census
Graber? Bohemia 1900 Census
Grabner Sacred Heart 1908 List
Graf Bohemia Böhmisch-Röhren Oshkosh Marriage Records
Greidel Bohemia 1900 Census
Greidl Austria 1900 Census
Gristle Austria 1900 Census
Gutsmeidl Germany Grainet Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Haberl Sacred Heart 1908 List
Hable Bohemia 1900 Census
Haffner? Bohemia 1900 Census
Hagenhard Austria 1900 Census
Hahn Austria 1900 Census
Haidl? Bohemia 1900 Census
Haidlinger Austria 1900 Census
Hammersmith Austria 1900 Census
Handler Hungary 1900 Census
Hannes Sacred Heart 1908 List
Harand Bohemia 1900 Census
Harrand Bohemia 1900 Census
Havorant Bohemia 1900 Census
Heidl Sacred Heart 1908 List
Heigel Austria 1900 Census
Heinzl Bohemia Schattawa Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Heinzl Bohemia Winterberg Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Hensel Bohemia 1900 Census
Hepler Austria 1900 Census
Herdina Austria 1900 Census
Hering Sacred Heart 1908 List
Hermann Bohemia 1900 Census
Hermann Bohemia 1900 Census
Herzig Bohemia 1900 Census
Hetzel 1900 Census
Hitzlstriner? Austria 1900 Census
Hollup Bohemia 1900 Census
Holzbauer Sacred Heart 1908 List
Homolka Bohemia 1900 Census
Honavalter Bohemia 1900 Census
Hoppl Austria 1900 Census
Horejock Bohemia 1900 Census
Horens Sacred Heart 1908 List
Hrubesky Bohemia 1900 Census
Irgal Bohemia 1900 Census
Ilk Sacred Heart 1908 List
Jacobs Hungary 1900 Census
Jarosch Bohemia 1900 Census
Jirika Sacred Heart 1908 List
Jofer Austria 1900 Census
Joice Sacred Heart 1908 List
Jungbauer Bohemia Hintring Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Jungbauer Bohemia Obermoldau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Jungwirth Bohemia Wallern Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Jungwirth Bohemia Sonnberg Oshkosh Marriage Records
Jungwirth Bohemia Salnau Oshkosh Marriage Records
Jungwirth Bohemia Schuedorf  ???? probably Schneedorf Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Karsten Austria 1900 Census
Kalous Sacred Heart 1908 List
Kellermann Bohemia Uhligstal Peter Kinderman Birth Record
Kellermann Bohemia Humwald Oshkosh Marriage Records
Kempinger Bohemia 1900 Census
Keremueller? Austria 1900 Census
Kindermann Bohemia Schönau Peter Kinderman Birth Record
Kindermann Bohemia Wallern Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Kindertater Sacred Heart 1908 List
Kirchbaum Sacred Heart 1908 List
Klein Austria 1900 Census
Klima Austria 1900 Census
Kloiber Bohemia Schönau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Klous Bohemia 1900 Census
Klover Bohemia 1900 Census
Klueber Bohemia 1900 Census
Koeck Germany Passau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Koelbl Germany Auersbergreut   Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Koelbl Germany Bischofsreut Oshkosh Marriage Records
Koelbl Hungary Kapetanovapolji (Slovonia) Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Koelbl Austria Ottelstift Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Koenig Bohemia 1900 Census
Koeppl Germany Zweissel Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Koller Sacred Heart 1908 List
Kollross Bohemia 1900 Census
Korotev Bohemia 1900 Census
Kuhs Austria 1900 Census
Kuhn Sacred Heart 1908 List
Kurtz Bohemia 1900 Census
Kutcher Austria 1900 Census
Lang Austria 1900 Census
Lang Bohemia 1900 Census
Laudbauer Bohemia 1900 Census
Leicy? Bohemia 1900 Census
Leirich Bohemia 1900 Census
Lemberger Bohemia 1900 Census
Lemlock Bohemia 1900 Census
Lemlock Hungary 1900 Census
Loos Sacred Heart 1908 List
Lueck Sacred Heart 1908 List
Macho Sacred Heart 1908 List
Madel Bohemia 1900 Census
Madl Bohemia 1900 Census
Madl Germany Bischofsreut Oshkosh Marriage Records
Manorowitz Sacred Heart 1908 List
Matche Bohemia 1900 Census
Mateyka Bohemia 1900 Census
Mathe Bohemia Spitzenberg Oshkosh Marriage Records
Mauritz Bohemia Obermoldau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Mauritz Bohemia Neuthal Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Mautz Bohemia 1900 Census
Metko Bohemia 1900 Census
Miedl Austria 1900 Census
Miller Austria 1900 Census
Miller Bohemia 1900 Census
Modl Bohemia 1900 Census
Moser Austria 1900 Census
Mueller Sacred Heart 1908 List
Mugrauer Sacred Heart 1908 List
Nachtman Bohemia Schönau Oshkosh Marriage Records
Nayer Bohemia 1900 Census
Nebl Sacred Heart 1908 List
Neustifter Austria 1900 Census
Niebauer Bohemia 1900 Census
Nigl Germany Bischofsreut Charles Nigl Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Nigl Austria Schattawa Charles Nigl Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Nomatcha Bohemia 1900 Census
Novotny Bohemia 1900 Census
Oberhansl Bohemia 1900 Census
Osnam? Austria 1900 Census
Ott Austria 1900 Census
Pable Bohemia 1900 Census
Paulick Austria 1900 Census
Paulick Bohemia Salnau Oshkosh Marriage Records
Pauling Bohemia 1900 Census
Paulisak? Austria 1900 Census
Paulus Bohemia 1900 Census
Pechl Bohemia 1900 Census
Pechman Bohemia 1900 Census
Penderling Bohemia 1900 Census
Penzenstadler Bohemia 1900 Census
Penzenstadler Austria Scheirak Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Penzenstadler Hungary Tzunyak Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Pfaoser? Bohemia 1900 Census
Philip Austria 1900 Census
Phillip Bohemia 1900 Census
Phillips Bohemia 1900 Census
Pickart Sacred Heart 1908 List
Pimistern Sacred Heart 1908 List
Pi---? Austria 1900 Census
Plaschl? Bohemia 1900 Census
Plaschko Austria Kuschwarda Gayle Plashko Zwicker 1900 Census
Poeschl Bohemia Obermoldau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Poeschl Bohemia Fürstenhut Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Poklasny Bohemia Obermoldau Oshkosh Marriage Records
Pollack Austria 1900 Census
Praxl Bohemia 1900 Census
Pupeter Bohemia 1900 Census
Putzer Bohemia 1900 Census
Raab Austria 1900 Census
Raab Germany 1900 Census
Raif Bohemia 1900 Census
Ratchman Bohemia 1900 Census
Reichart Bohemia 1900 Census
Reichenberger Sacred Heart 1908 List
Reischl Bohemia 1900 Census
Reisenzahn 1900 Census
Resop Bohemia 1900 Census
Rigisberger Bavaria 1900 Census
Rippl Austria 1900 Census
Robl Bohemia Prachatice Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Robl Hungary 1900 Census
Roesler Austria 1900 Census
Rudbauer Bohemia 1900 Census
Sameda Austria 1900 Census
Schabransti Sacred Heart 1908 List
Schauer Bohemia 1900 Census
Schena Bohemia 1900 Census
Scherer Sacred Heart 1908 List
Schertz Bohemia 1900 Census
Scherz Sacred Heart 1908 List
Schettl Austria 1900 Census
Schettl Bohemia Obermoldau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Schettl Hungary Szidorfalva Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Scheinflug Sacred Heart 1908 List
Scheissl Bohemia Oberzassau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Schlager Austria 1900 Census
Schlinker Bohemia 1900 Census
Schmutzer Sacred Heart 1908 List
Schneider Austria 1900 Census
Schneider Bohemia Uhligstal Oshkosh Marriage Records
Schoenauer Austria Oberplan Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Schoenberger Austria 1900 Census
Schreiber Austria 1900 Census
Schreiber Bohemia 1900 Census
Schreiner Bohemia Guthausen Oshkosh Marriage Records
Schroeder Austria 1900 Census
Schroeder Bohemia Hirschbergen Fred Schroeder I was born and grew up there.
Schupert Sacred Heart 1908 List
Schuster Austria Prachatice Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Schwartz Austria 1900 Census
Schwartz Bohemia 1900 Census
Selenka Bohemia 1900 Census
Selwitschka Germany Mauth Peter Kinderman Letter
Shr-ey Bohemia 1900 Census
Seibold Austria 1900 Census
Seibold Germany Haidmuhle Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Seibold Germany Bischofsruet Oshkosh Marriage Records
Sigmund Sacred Heart 1908 List
Sippl Bohemia 1900 Census
Sithamer Austria 1900 Census
Sitter Aust Poland 1900 Census
Sitter Bohemia 1900 Census
Smetschena Austria 1900 Census
Sommer Hungary 1900 Census
Sonnleitner Bohemia Guthausen Oshkosh Marriage Records
Sop----? Hungary 1900 Census
Spanbauer Austria 1900 Census
Spanbauer Hungary Szidorfalva Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Spanbauer Bohemia Schönau Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Spatt Bohemia 1900 Census
Sperka Sacred Heart 1908 List
Stadler Austria 1900 Census
Stadler Germany Bischofsruet Shane Edgar Birth Record
Stadler Bohemia Oberplan Oshkosh Marriage Records
Steaney Bohemia 1900 Census
Steckbauer Austria 1900 Census
Steckbauer Bohemia 1900 Census
Steidl Austria 1900 Census
Stiller Austria Bob Ziemba 1900 Census
Stine Austria 1900 Census
Stini Sacred Heart 1908 List
Stockinger Austria Inmergefeld Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Strubesky Bohemia 1900 Census
Struntz Bohemia 1900 Census
Stutz Bohemia 1900 Census
Suda Bohemia 1900 Census
Suess Bohemia 1900 Census
Swatzbeck Austria 1900 Census
Tomaschko Sacred Heart 1908 List
Touschmann Austria 1900 Census
Troiber Bohemia 1900 Census
Turner Sacred Heart 1908 List
Ulrich Austria 1900 Census
Unknown? Austria 1900 Census
Veith Bohemia 1900 Census
Wachtveitl Bohemia 1900 Census
Wagner Austria 1900 Census
Walter Bohemia 1900 Census
Weber Bohemia Birkenhaid Oshkosh Naturalization Records
Weisheipl Bohemia 1900 Census
Weitenbeck Sacred Heart 1908 List
Werner Bohemia 1900 Census
Windish Austria 1900 Census
Winkelbauer Bohemia Hirschbergen Peter Kinderman Birth Record
Wolf Austria 1900 Census
Wolf Bohemia 1900 Census
Wolf Germany Fürstenhut John Kraniak Oshkosh Marriage Records
Wrobel Sacred Heart 1908 List
Yarosch Bohemia 1900 Census
Yungwirth Bohemia 1900 Census
Zarter Austria 1900 Census




E-mail from Charles Nigl, 2002

According to Herr Friedmann Fegert, the first person to lead a group of Immigrants to

Oshkosh  from Bischofsreut was a Kellermann, followed by Joseph Nigl in 1872, his wife

Karolina Bloechl, Joseph's sister Cresentia (Nigl) Stadler and her husband Hermann Stadler,

were all from Bischofsreut (or Langreut).

 Again according to Herr Fegert and the Emigration records, 50 % of all the emigrants

to America from the Boehmerwald area, came from the Bischofsreut area.

   In the book, he explains, how the young people of the Bischofsreut , Langreut, Phillipsreut

area, had no choice but to migrate to Bohemia, or Hungary and finally to America.

One big reason, was that a man with no farm or occupation, could not marry.

The easiest route, was to travel just over the border to Bohemia, where there were no

such restrictions, at first.  In my own family, as early as the 1700s, Nigls moved to

Schattawa, to start a new life. Eventually Austria gained control of Bohemia and enforced

similar laws as those in Bavaria, this led many people to travel to Yugoslavia or Hungary

to start a new life. 

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