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From the collection of Mary Winkelbauer Kinderman, unless as noted.

They are a great source of information, not only in dates and pictures, but they let you know who your ancestors relations and friends were. 

Ignatzwolf.gif (71250 bytes)

Ignatz Wolf

rudolph drexler.jpg (33971 bytes)

Rudolph Drexler

theresa winkelbauer.jpg (25616 bytes)

Theresa Winkelbauer

otto stoegbauer.jpg (32250 bytes)

Otto Stoegbauer

JohannFrankprayercard.gif (58258 bytes)

Johann Frank

FrankMillerprayercard.jpg (11195 bytes)

Frank Miller

RoseKempingerprayercard.jpg (7881 bytes)

Rose Kempinger

JosephSchererprayercard.jpg (9197 bytes)

Joseph Scherer

CatherindBaierprayercard.jpg (13466 bytes)

Catherine Baier

JennieMillerprayercard.jpg (10521 bytes)

Jennie Miller

LouisHannesprayercard.jpg (8840 bytes)

Louis Hannes

MaryAnnaFischerprayercard.jpg (8931 bytes)

Mary Anne Fisher

LouisMillerprayercard.jpg (11273 bytes)

Louis Miller

JohnBlauprayercard.jpg (3550 bytes)

John Blau

EmerenzSchererprayercard.jpg (5712 bytes)

Emerenz Robl Scherer

PaulineBergerprayercard.jpg (3642 bytes)

Pauline Berger

JohnPoklasnyprayercard.jpg (4055 bytes)

John Poklasny

MamieStoegbauerprayercard.jpg (4534 bytes)

Mamie Stoegbauer

VictorMillerprayercard.jpg (3690 bytes)

Victor Miller

JohannaSchoettlprayercard.jpg (14109 bytes)

Johanna Schottl

FranzJungwirthprayercard.jpg (7929 bytes)

Franz Jungwirth

add picture here

Frank Wrobel



niglhermanprayercard.jpg (8470 bytes)

Herman Nigl

From V. Chamberlain

nigljohannprayercard.jpg (10421 bytes)

Johann Nigl

From V. Chamberlain

niglmaryprayercard.jpg (10179 bytes)

Mary Nigl

From V. Chamberlain

Herman Stiller Prayer Card.jpg (70414 bytes)

Herman Stiller 
from Bob Ziemba


Prayer or memorial cards are also available for the following people, but they do not have pictures:

Frank Schoettl, John F. Ilk, Maria Julianna Hilz, Louis Lemberger, Anne Winkelbauer, Magdalena Conrad, Joseph Steckbauer, Anna Kaltschick, George Demler, Josephine Sperka, Robert Kellogg, Johann Reindl, John Savage, Caroline Oberhansl, Therese Lemke, Rev. Roman Scholter, Rudolph Wrobel, Gottfried Schneider, Heinrich Pfeiffer, Ludwig Wilhelm.


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