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The parade in Mauth 2005: A very wonderful parade and very long with many different floats depicting every craft and job that was performed historically by the people of the villages. There were floats for shingle makers, barrel makers, coal makers, sauerkraut makers, movers, corn schuckers, hay cutters and haulers, salt traders, threshers, stick picker uppers, butter makers, smiths, lace makers, field workers,  school children, a wedding party, noise making boys, loggers, and many more. The horses were beautiful and built for hauling.  
Parade_in_Mauth_2005_27.JPG (72366 bytes)

Parade Köhler
photo by Ingo 

Parade_in_Mauth_2005_73.JPG (47978 bytes)

Parade Shindelmacher
photo by Ingo 

Parade_in_Mauth_2005_2.JPG (96210 bytes)

Parade Band  
photo by Ingo 

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Stone marker on the Golden Path

308 Mauth Festival.JPG (66090 bytes)

Mauth Festival Band 2005

Parade_in_Mauth_2005_53.JPG (69006 bytes)

Parade Faßinder
photo by Ingo 

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