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Most of the Bavarians that settled in Oshkosh came from the current area of the German and Czech border from East of Regensburg and North of Passau. The forested mountains are known as the Bayerisch-Wald in Bavaria and the Böhmerwald in Bohemia. When they emigrated in the late 1800's Bavaria bordered the Austro-Hungarian Empire. From reviewing records there must have been much interaction between the Bavarians and the Bohemians across the border. The same language, customs, work and geography encouraged interaction. Many families were related across the border.

See also a list of village names of my interest in Bohemia in German and Czech.


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Click this picture for a view of Bavaria.


The Dreisesellberg: The Stone Formation with the 3 chairs are still there next to the gasthaus at the mountain top at the Bavarian-Czech border. As the story goes long time ago the Kings from Austria, Czech and Bavaria tried for a long time to meet together; but none would leave their own country. At this stone formation the border comes together of each country. So a chair was chiseled out for each King and they had a meeting without leaving their own country.

Villages of Interest in Bavaria

The following list of villages are known to be immigrant home villages. They are mentioned on marriage certificates or on Naturalization Documents. 

  • Auerhergreit

  • Beruried

  • Bischofsreut   

  • Egon

  • Falkenberg

  • Freyung

  • Grafenau

  • Grainet 

  • Haidmühle

  • Heining 

  • Herzogsreut

  • Philippsreut

  • Hultinoire

  • Langroit

  • Leolitz

  • Mauth

  • Bossau (Passau)

  • Penzberg

  • Schmerldorf

  • Traunstein

  • Zell

  • Zwiesel   

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