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With German and Czech city names. 

It is hard to read the small print with this poor scan.

        The sixth ward Bohemians came from the Moldau River valley area of South Bohemia along the modern German, Austrian, and Czech border. The villages mentioned most often in St. Vincent's marriage records are Kuschwarda, Obermoldau, Salnau, Schönau and Sonnberg per research by Mary Pable, St. Vincent's church historian.

Follow these links for information on villages in Bohemia:

Bohemian Villages

Böhmen: Budweiser Kreis

Maps of Bohemia showing the distribution of the German minority and Austro-Hungarian Ethnicities.

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Our area of interest is the bottom left dark blue area.
The area was over 90% German.

Map of Bohemia with political Boundaries circa 1800

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