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Searching for individuals with the following surnames having ancestral
family connections back to the Böhmerwald towns of Markt Eisenstein
(Zelezna Ruda), Dorf Eisenstein (Spicak), Panzer (Pancir), Seewiesen
(Javorna) and Deffernik (Debrinik):


In the early 1880s twenty-one immigrant families from the Böhmerwald
settled homestead land in northern Price County of northern Wisconsin.
In the early 1900s, state approval was given to establish a new Town to
accommodate request made by these German-Böhmische immigrants.  They
were granted the opportunity to select a name of their choice for their
new Town and in keeping with their desire to retain their collective
name of "Eisensteiners,"  they named their Town "Eisenstein."


Cesky-Krumlov  Highly informative site about Southern Bohemia. It will take days to see it all.
Southern Bohemian Villages of
Ober Plan and Friedberg. Information and historical photo's.
Report of Anna and Bernhard's visit With pictures of Southern Bohemian villages of Salnau and Pernek. And other villages in Bohemia.   Pictures of Sumava
Home Page of Karel Kysilka     Links to Home Pages of Czech Towns and Cities
South Bohemia       Pictures and Text on South Bohemia


Map of German speaking areas of Czech Republic in 1930
Map of German speaking areas of Czech Republic in 1938 
Report on the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia after WW II.
A political viewpoint. 


Official Bavarian Government   website of Bavaria

These links from Franz Lenhardt Jr., from Freyung, Germany

The city of Freyung:
Mauth: a directory of Homepages of the region (the
"Landkreis" i.e. county/district of Freyung-Grafenau)
Finally maybe the most useful link:
Also a directory, but better designed than frgnet, with maps, hints what
you can do there etc. and a listing of towns. 

You can also try and after the "/" you just type the name of the
town, e.g. Mauth.

Passau (
Passau Museum 
Zwiesel (


German-Bohemian Heritage Society The home page for Germans from Bohemia.  JOIN TODAY
English - Czech Dictionary
Czech Republic, Bohemia, and Moravia Genealogy Research
Cyndi's List - Germany - Deutschland
JewishGen ShtetlSeeker - Town Search Locate villages in the old world with their old names.
AltaVista Translations
Germans in Eastern Europe Germans in Bohemia, Poland, Hungary, Russia.      New German-Bohemian website about a Michigan family.


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