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The village of interest in Hungary is Szidorfalva. It was a village in Eastern Hungary, or what was called Trans-Carpathian Ukraine, today it is in the Ukraine. 

Golomb, Bloechl, Spanbauer, Zernzack, are believed to have come from here. 

Originally they would have been from Bohemia. Many Germans were encouraged to move to sparsely settled areas of the Austro-Hungarian empire and create new villages and farms.  
Another village in Hungary that is mentioned in Oshkosh records is Tzunyak. Which could be Szinyak, which is just to the East of Szidorfalva, Ukraine. I do not know what the village names are now or if they even still exist. go down to Trans-Carpathian region and then Central area.

 I have done very little research into this area. If you have any information you would like to share please contact me. Thank you


This from Bob Ziemba

07 December 2003

KRIZ Family


While going through my notes, I ran across this information from Mary Jane Tauber about her grandparents (Alois and Barbara (Bayer) Kriz).  See attached Kriz file.  Mary Jane also mentions the Zernzach family name, which is listed on the Highholder web site under Hungary.


I did a little research on Szidorfalva and this is what I found.


Szidorfalva was located in the former Hungarian County or District of Bereg.


Szidorfalva [H] Hungarian spelling

Hrabove [U] Ukrainian spelling

Hrabovo [Ru] Rusyn spelling


Hrabove (Szidorfalva) was located in the former Hungarian county or Galician district of BEREG

Mukacevo is the present administrative subdivision

Ukraine is the present country Hrabove (Szidorfalva) is located in.


Hrabove (Szidorfalva) is located just north of Kovel.  See map.




In a letter that I had received from Donna Jungwirth (Adrian Jungwirth’s wife), she wrote that Frank and Mary Pollack came from Salnau, Bohemia.  That was just down the road from your family I do believe.  Herman Stiller married Mary Pollack, the daughter of Frank and Mary Pollack.  The Pollack family immigrated to Oshkosh about 1881.


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