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Beer was a big part of the immigrants life. There were many taverns in the neighborhood, almost one at every major corner. The tavern was the working mans home away from home. Several of the taverns excluded women, and for many years later did not have chairs or a women's restroom. The tavern was a major source of entertainment and comradeship. Many of the taverns also served food and so families were welcome. Back then it was ok for children to go into bars. In fact, many a child's job was to go to the tavern and fetch a 5¢ pail of beer. Many taverns were also groceries.


Nigls_Chieftan_Full_View.jpg (92305 bytes)

Nigl's Chieftan
9th and Ohio ? The original building. Dance hall on the second floor.


Dan Radig
 Joseph Nigl Jr. and several Highholders started the Peoples
Brewery in reaction to the monopolies of the other breweries in Oshkosh.
For example, at Nigl's Chieftain, only Chief Oshkosh beer could be sold. In fact my
grandfather only leased the tavern from the Chief Oshkosh Brewery, it wasn't until the
40s, that my family bought the tavern outright.  Other Oshkosh and Milwaukee breweries
had similar monopolies on beer. So the Highholders tried to fight this tyranny by starting
their own brewery, appropriately named  People's Beer.

per email from Charles Nigl, 2002

Nigl_s_Remodeled.jpg (107441 bytes)

Nigl's Chieftan Bar Remodeled

9th and Ohio


This is the original building after removing the second floor.

Dan Radig

Ohio_street_to_9th.jpg (152436 bytes) 800 Block of Ohio Street 1940's View of Ohio street from 8th to 9th. With rear view of Nigl's Chieftan Dan Radig

Bohmer_-_Wald.jpg (44154 bytes)


9th and Knapp


Gus Jeschke stands in door and watches his son Edgar.

Dan Radig

Bohmer_-_Wald_2.jpg (121696 bytes)

9th and Knapp 1890's Unknown People Dan Radig

bohmerwald_from_john_kraniak.jpg (94053 bytes)

Böhmerwald Tavern
9th and Knapp 1900's Proprietor, Ferdinand Putzer John Kraniak

Bohmer_-_Wald_Razed.jpg (101158 bytes)

Böhmerwald Razing
9th and Knapp 1970 Replaced by a 76 gas station and later converted to Field's Restaurant. Dan Radig

Pabst_Exchange.jpg (78158 bytes)

Pabst Exchange
6th and Ohio 1900's Built by the Pabst Brewery. Bar with dance hall on the second floor. Dan Radig

j._lang_beverages.jpg (66694 bytes)

J. Lang Beverages

Unknown Delivery 


J. Lang Beverages,  148 Ceape,   Jersey Creme Soda, Water, Ale, Ginger

Peter Kinderman

aBaier-saloon.jpg (33994 bytes)

A. Baier's Tavern
7th and Ohio c. 1900 House still exists Tom Baier
aBaier-saloon-closeup.jpg (41479 bytes) 7th and Ohio c. 1900 Close up view. Tom Baier
Fenzl_house_and_store.jpg (36787 bytes)

Joe's Sample room

10th and Rugby

c. 1900 Joe Fenzl had 2 brothers: John
and Max. They all lived at the house in Oshkosh.
 Their father Joseph had a
grocery store and bar there from 1891 until 1916.
 The name was originally spelled
Julie Barnard

sheenysteckbauer.jpg (70492 bytes)

6th and Idaho   Sheeny (Herman) Steckbauer ran a grocery in the front and a bar in the back of the building. His wife was Mary Suda. Dan Radig
bohmerwaldunknowns.jpg (8919 bytes)

Two Unknowns taken at the corner of 9th and Ohio looking SE

Unknown women showing Ohio Street side of building and front of the Chieftan. Taken at 10th and Ohio looking NE.

9th and Ohio Streets


 The original address was 411 9th, but in 1908, the # was 845 9th. It was a tavern under these people:

1889 Joseph Schmidt

1891 Louis Samer

1898-1905 Ludwig Samer

 "Little John's" John Beyer?

no listing

Albert Beck "Al's Place"

John Beyer

 Louis Samer soft drinks (prohibition)

In the thirties it was a Kroger's and a grocery called Universal Grocer

per email from Dan Radig

In collection of photo's from Mary Winkelbauer Kinderman

It has beeen determined that these pictures are  from a photo album saved by my grandparents after they took over ownership of Nigl's Grocery. They originally were the property of Elizabeth Nigl.

Peter Kinderman
Inside_Stop_and_Go.jpg (77046 bytes) Inside the 
Stop and Go Tavern
which was across from Sacred Heart Church on the NE corner of Knapp and 6th. 

See outside of building on Groceries page.

 I can only guess that this picture, which has faded a bit, was taken sometime between 1900 and 1915 or so because of the apparent age of Mr. Koeck.
  Standing in back of the bar is Mr. Koeck (Joseph, I believe).  I don't know the names of the other gentlemen.  Note the spittoon on the floor, the old Victrola record player and the slot machine.  Mr. Koeck was the father of Eddie Koeck, who ran the Stop and Go Tavern afterwards, in the 50's and 60's. 
From the collection of Ken Mauritz

per email from Ken Mauritz, 2002


Sample Rooms on the south side in 1903, per Bunn's 1903 City Directory.

Abrams, Fred   307 Oregon 
Bergholte, Wm   50 Oregon
Beck, Herman   94 Oregon
Breuhmueller, Frank   387 Ninth
Domann, D.A.   314 Thirteenth
Drews, Wm.      117 Oregon
Fenrich, WM. G.   275 Sixth
Fenzl, Jos.   547 Tenth
Hall, Mrs. Louisa   614 Ninth
Heise, J.C.   228 Sixth
Jabusch, C.A.   66 S. Main
Jenner, Wm   Oregon & 25th
Kargus, A.H.   51 Oregon
Koehn, George R.   308 Oregon
Koplitz, T & F.  198 Oregon
Korlaske, Martin   177 Eighth
Kossel, L.   50 Nebraska
Krieg, B.   444 Ninth
Krueger, J.H.   150 Eighth
Kuehn, Rudolph   46 Nebraska
Lang, Ernst   35 Oregon
Lang, Louis   34 S. Main
Leininger & Krall   274 Sixth
Long, Harry   177 Seventh
Luhm, G.R.   195 Seventh
Madl, Michael   334 Sixth
Miller, Wenzel    282 Sixth
Mondl, Anton   250 Sixth
Nigl, Alois   408 Ninth
Patt & Steinhilber   244 Oregon
Putzer, Ferd.   615 Ninth
Rang, Charles   176 Oregon
Reifer, Peter   49 S. Main
Sammer, Ludwig   411 Ninth
Steckbauer, Herman   400 Sixth
Steckbauer, Jos.   165 Ohio
Stopper, F.J.   16 S. Main
Thomas, P. 45 Sixth
Utecht, Martin   120 Ohio
Warzinski, John   182 Oregon
Weise, Fred   44 Minnesota
Wolter, August   280 Fifth
Zentner, J.C.   128 S. Main
Ziebell, Albert   246 Oregon
Ziebell, August   194 Seventeenth

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