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Horni Vltavice


horni vltavice bridge by lendl.jpg (381058 bytes)

Bridge over Vltava

horni vltavice church by lendl.jpg (375168 bytes)

Church Interior

horni vltavice church from len.jpg (316302 bytes)

Church Interior

horni vltavice pc from lendle.jpg (497595 bytes)

Post card 

Top 5 pictures courtesy J. Lendle obermoldau war memorial from l.jpg (209442 bytes)
367 Horni Vltavice.JPG (61591 bytes)


356 Horni Vltavice.JPG (49378 bytes)

Church Tower

359 Horni Vltavice.JPG (82868 bytes)


355 Horni Vltavice.JPG (72618 bytes)


364 Horni Vltavice.JPG (75973 bytes)

Sellner and Macho Tombstone

363 Horni Vltavice.JPG (90574 bytes)

Robl Tombstone

An email from the German-Bohemian mailing list.

J. Lendle wrote:

> Hi all,
>      In September (2000) I visited the villages in southern Bohemia where my
> grandparents were born (Schattawa, now Zaton, and Slatina/Filz).  While
> in Horni Vltavice (formerly Obermoldau ) I visited the church and of
> course the cemetery, and took a photograph of a stone memorial listing
> soldiers (from villages belonging to the parish) who died in WWI.  I had
> the photo enlarged and can make out most of the names so am posting
> these in case they are of help to others on the list. Some letters were
> hard to read, some information was blank, and I'm not sure what
> perm.(derm?) or permt. after birth date meant.  Seemed to be there in
> place of a death date.  Anyone out there know???  Hope this is of help
> to someone!   Janet from Arizona  p.s. the trip was wonderful!!! :-)


> Wilhelm Weltek, B. 1890, D.1916         Hubert Jungbauer,B.1894, D. 1916
> Johann Zantucki, B. 1889, D. 1914       Johann Wagner, B. 1888, D. 1915
> Johann Robl, B.1890, D. 1914            Alois Spitzenberger b1881,d.1914
> Lucas Delbitchka,b.1881,d.1914          Heinrich Tauber b.1891,d.1914
> Franz Wagner B.1882, d1916              Emanuel Matschine b.   , d.1915
> Johann Robl B.1893, D.1915              Josef Tifchler, b. 1895, d.1916
> Alois Robl, b. 1893, D. 1915
> Josef Paulik b.1895, d.1915             Eduard Wolf b.1888, d1915
> Johann Paletaefch, b1891, d1915         Ernft Paletarfch,b1893, d1915
> Hugo Geisbauer, b1886, d.1915           Ferd.Stögbauer, b.1879 derm.
> JohannLef. b.1894, d.1914               Anton Blafchko b. 1889, d.1918
> Frz. Michetfchlager b.1891, d.1914      Franz Stögbauer, b.1887, d.1915
> Alois Stögbauer, b.1883,d.1915          Julius Kublbok b.1897, d.1917
> Innozenz Kurz b.1891, d.1918
> Johann Biebl, b.1890 dernt.             Rudolf Selbitfchka b1886, d1915
> Alois Biebl, b 1886 derm.               Franz Kublbock b. 1886, d.1917
> Franz Biebl b. 1894, d. 1915            Mathias Kuran, b. 1897, d.1915
> Reichard Biebl b. 1888 derm             Alfred Binder b.1884
> Alois Stögbauer, b.1882, d.1915         Rudolf Blafchko b.1897, d.1916
> Josef Stögbauer, b. 1880, d.1915        Josef Blafchko b. 1894, d. 1917
> Franz Weber B. 1882, d. 1916            Rudolf Geisbauer, b. 1882,d.1917
> Franz Spannbauer b. 1888, d. 1916       Richard Topfl, b.1883, d.1916
> Franz Tomafchko, . 1892, d. 1915
> FROM SCHATTAWA (1914-1918)
> Rudolf Plath                            Johann Ariba
> Hermann Stadler                         Johann Springer
> Ravl(?) Walter                          Josef Haselberger
> Raimund Schuster                        Alois Springer
> Alfred Koarhak(?)                       Johann Topfl
> Josef Prim                              Rudolf Robl
> Josef Huselberger                       Rudolf Robl
>                         Oskur Wachtweitl
> FROM WOLFSGRUB(1914-1918)
> Franz Stadler                           Rudolf Geisbauer
> Wenzel Stadler                          Johann Wagner
> Johann Esslinger                        Wenzel Wiener

There are reading errors.

 1) E.g. Alois Biebl, b 1886 derm. "derm(t)." correct "verm(t)." abbreviation for vermisst = missing.
2) E.g. Josef Tifchler, b. 1895, d.1916 correct Josef "Tischler", b. 1895, d. 1916 
The same (sch for fch) Johann Paletaefch, b1891, d1915 correct Johann Paletarsch, . . . . . .
 Ernft Paletarfch,b1893, d1915 (Mitterberg)
 Anton Blafchko b. 1889, d.1918 (Kubohuetten) 
Frz. Michetfchlager b.1891, d.1914 = Franz Michetschlager (Filz)
 Rudolf Selbitfchka b1886, d1915 (Elendbaechel) 
Rudolf Blafchko b.1897, d.1916 (Birkenhald) 
Josef Blafchko b. 1894, d. 1917 (Birkenhald) 
Franz Tomafchko, . 1892, d. 1915 (Hueblern) 

"ue" or "ae" means "Umlaut" u or a (2 points above u or a) 
Annotation: In german spelling (in formerly time) there are two sorts of "s", in print (Gothic or Fractur), also in hand- writing (Suetterlin-writing): "langes s" (long s) to beginning or in the middle of the word, e.g "schlafen" (= sleep), "Tischler" (= joiner): "rundes s" (round s) on end of the word or the syllable, e.g. Haus (= house), Wachskerze (= wax-light). "Langes s" (small letter) is similar to small letter "f". From there the mistake. The small letter "f" has above a little cross-line, not the "long s". The "round s" (small letter, print) is so as the normal s. Small letter writing is like a little o, with above on the left side suspended a bow to the right below. 

3) Reichard Biebl b. 1888 derm probable Reinhard (Elendbaechel) 
Ravl(?) Walter probable Paul (Schattawa) 
Alois Stogbauer, b.1882, d.1915 probable Stoegbauer (Umlaut o) (Birkenhald) 
Alois Stogbauer, b.1882, d.1915 " " " " 
Oskur Wachtweitl surely Oskar Wachtweitl (Schattawa) 
Franz Stogbauer, b.1887, d.1915 probable Stoegbauer (Filz) 
Alois Stogbauer, b.1883,d.1915 " " " 

I am hoping, this is intelligible. Regards, Wilhelm Peiker.

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