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Schönau: A village of 26 houses and 256 people is more than 6 hours walk NNW from Krummau in the valley of the Moldau on the left bank. The local church, St. Anna and the school were built in 1790. Both institutions are under the patronage of the duke. Also to the village of Schönau belongs the farm Grasfurth, which has two houses and is located on the right bank of the Moldau, 1/4 hour South from the village. Pendelberg, a wild animal preserve 1/4 hour East also belongs to Schönau and Jodelhäuser which has two houses and is 1/2 hour West from the village on the other side of the Moldau. ...............per sommer, 1841.
Known home village of: Kindermann, Spannbauer, ...
This is the village of  my Kindermann family. Church records indicate that we lived here as far back as the 1650's until the time we left for America in 1883. The church records begin about 1650. It was originally part of the parish of Salnau but in 1784 Schönau was separated off into its own parish. Today there is the church, what was the school building, several large barns and a few houses still standing. When I visited in April of 2001 a new house was under construction. 

 schonau1.jpg (19302 bytes) (pk)

First view of Schönau along route 39 from the North. Route 39 bypasses the village. Originally the old road went right thru Schönau. The bypass was built by the Czech's in the early 1950's so their military vehicles could have access to the area.
schoenauchurch.jpg (8400 bytes) (pk)

St. Anna's Church
The church received a new roof recently and was repainted.  I did not get inside the church. The door was locked and posted entrance verboten. 

schoenaucemetery.jpg (176926 bytes) (pk)

Overview of cemetery


schoenauwarmemorial.jpg (26051 bytes)(pk)

World War I and II memorial.


The fallen and missing of the villages of Schönau and Grasfurth.


Joachim Artinger
Josef Bauer
Engelbert Bayer
Joahnn Bayer
Hermann Berker
Adelbert Jany
Adelbert Jungwirth
Jordan Jungwirth
Alfons Kloiber
Josef Kloiber
Franz Müller
Adolf Nagelmüller
Rudolf Pomeje
Johann Reischl
Johann Reischl
Franz Sager
Wenzel Sager
Karl Tanzer


Heribert Homolka
Josef Jany
Jordan Jungbauer
Franz Jungwirth
Franz Jungwirth
Ludwig Jungwirth
Jordan Jungwirth
Rudolf Jungwirth
Gustav Kloiber
Jordan Kloiber
Josef Kloiber
Rupert Küblbäck
Franz Pany
Anton Pupeter
Josef Pupeter
Anton Reischl
Josef Reischl
Otto Reischl
Franz Spannbauer

schoenaumap.jpg (38447 bytes)

A map of the village from the heimat book   Schönau ortsplan, aus Chronik des ortes Schönau.

schoenaubarnsb-w.jpg (76550 bytes) (pk)

Barns in black and white to give you a sense of how depressing the place looked when I was there in April 2001.

schoenauview34tochurch.jpg (37512 bytes)  (l)

View from house #34 to the church, summer 2001. Here it looks better in summer with green vegetation.

  Schönau Chronicle

Listing of villagers in 1945

Heimat book of Schönau written in 1965 by the parish priest Franz Glimsche.

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