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Parkfried, a village of 32 houses and 288 people. 1/2 hour walk South of Salnau on the Moldau, at the foot of the nearby mountain, with a bridge over the river.  To the village belongs the hunters houses of Salnau, each of which consists of living quarters for the hunter and woodworker and an office building. They are 10 minutes west of Parkfried on the right side of the Moldau River. Then the Höpfelmüle (Höpfel mill) and saw at the confluence of the Seebach (Lake Creek) and the Moldau. Then the Hozimühle, a dukes mill and saw on the Seebach 1/2 hour west of Parkfried and not far from that point an iron works company. On the nearby mountain are a few remains of walls possibly from a castle. 

per Sommer 1841.

Known home village of: ...
View of Village c. 1930 Chronik Der Pfarrkirche Und Friedhof Salnau. 
#36 Bundestreffen Der Ehemaligen Einwohner Der Pfarreien Salnau und Schönau, 2000
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