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 April 2005

Vol. 4 Issue 4

New Books

just in from a German Bookseller

Author:  Title: Prachatice Bookseller Book No.: 01-050311074 Price: EUR 3.00 Book Description: Zustand: gut, sofort lieferbar ; Seiten: 43; Einband: Broschüre; Erschienen: 1953; Bemerkungen: [A5, Text in tschech. Sprache, m. s/w Fotos] Geografie
Tour book of Sumava region in Czech. Maps and descriptions of towns and villages. Will have to attempt translation. Author:  Title: Sumava Bookseller Book No.: 01-050084829 Price: EUR 5.00 Book Description: Zustand: gut, sofort lieferbar Eintrag auf Vorsatz; Untertitel: Turisticky Pruvodce CSSR. Svazek 22; Seiten: 379; Einband: Gebunden / Pappe; Erschienen: 1986; Bemerkungen: [Textkarten, Illustr., 17 cm] Geographie 
Author: Erhartovi, Josef a Marie Title: Böhmerwald Bookseller Book No.: 01-002161431 Price: EUR 5.25 Book Description: Zustand: gut, sofort lieferbar ; Seiten: 145; Einband: Gebunden/Leinen; Bemerkungen: [SU eingerissen] Fremdsprachige Literatur 

Author: Erhartovi, Josef a Marie Title: Sumava Bookseller Book No.: 01-002318741 Price: EUR 5.25 Book Description: Zustand: gut, sofort lieferbar ; Untertitel: Böhmerwald; Einband: Gebunden/Leinen; Erschienen: 1973; Bemerkungen: [SU eingerissen Tschechische Originalausgabe, mehrsprachiger Text, Bildband teils farbig,] 
Picture book about the Vltava (Moldau) River from beginning to end. Author: Plicka, Zobrazil Karel Title: Vltava Bookseller Book No.: 01-050082910 Price: EUR 10.00 Book Description: Zustand: gut, sofort lieferbar ; Untertitel: Die Moldau; Seiten: 263; Einband: Gebunden / Leinen; Erschienen: 1961; Bemerkungen: [34 cm, 216 s/w Fotos, Anhang mehrspr., im Schuber; Eintr. a. Vorsatz] Geografie, Bildband 
Author: Hepner, Jiri Title: Böhmerwald Bookseller Book No.: 01-002181047 Price: EUR 4.90 Book Description: Zustand: gut, sofort lieferbar ; Einband: Sammelmappe; Erschienen: 1979; Bemerkungen: [Mappe mit 33 farb. Bildkarten, 16 x 21 cm, Rückseite Beschreibung und je kleine Kartenskizze, 1979 gut erhalten] 


Postcard like pack of pictures.

Author: Zeitler, Walther Title: Unser schöner Bayerwald Bookseller Book No.: 03-050649670 Price: EUR 4.65 Book Description: Zustand: gut, sofort lieferbar Remittende ; Untertitel: Landschaft und Natur, Kunst und Kultur im Bayerischen Wald; ISBN: 3896829572; Seiten: 128; Einband: Gebunden / Pappe; Erschienen: 1998


Archival Storage

Here are three links to archival storage companies I have bought from. Be sure to compare prices because each one has the lowest cost on various items.





Free Magazines

I am cleaning up the office and will give away back issues of genealogy magazines. I would rather share them than throw them away. All are only a couple of years old, since 2000. Email me a request and where to send them while they last.

No choice on magazine. 2 per person.

US addresses only.

Four Generations

of George Kinderman


Ignatz, John, Alois, George Kinderman


Mary, George, Therese, Matthew


George, Therese, Matthew, Clayton


The Weekly Times

July 12, 1890


The residents of the third and sixth wards still clamor for another bridge

The proposition to rent the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul structure revived

The residents of the Sixth ward are again agitating the question of building a bridge across the Fox, between the light street and Algoma Structures. Several petitions are being circulated among the employees of Paine's, Radford's and McMillan's factories, and one paper Tuesday, contained 300 names.

Alderman Mulva, to whom the subject was broached, stated that the movement had become so formidable that the council would certainly have to take cognizance of it. He did not think though that the city was in any condition to build another bridge, for the Algoma bridge bonds and the proposed park bonds would be all that the city could comfortably take care of for some years to come.

But he did think that the residents of the Sixth and Third wards were laboring under a hardship and that it ought to be removed if that were possible. A scheme which he thought would be feasible would be to rent the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad bridge, which the company does not use. If the consent of the corporation were obtained, the rental would be practically nothing and thus would be had a convenient and serviceable bridge for foot passengers.


Amazing that five years later the city is not taking the issue seriously considering that there was such a tragedy as reported below:

Newspaper story: 1885 Drowning accident

Land Sales

July 12, 1890

The following deeds were filed Tuesday and Wednesday:

August Streich to Frank Eppinger, lot on Eleventh Street, for $800.

August Streich to Julius Steinhilber, lot on Eleventh Street in the sixth ward, for $850.

Michael Bayer to August Erber, lot on Tenth Street in the Sixth ward, for $175.

John Tomascho to August Streich, lot on Eleventh Street in the sixth ward, for $800.

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