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June 2003

Vol. 2, issue 6

Oshkosh Northwestern
October, 1885


A Saloon Keeper Fined For Breaking The Law

Jacob Wentzel of the Sixth ward appeared before Justice Oellerich this week and pleaded guilty to the charge of having sold liquor on Sunday and paid a fine of $10 and costs. Some one in the ward put up a job on Mr. Wenzel and induced him to sell him liquor. The evidence having been procured the case was reported to the police with the results given above. Others are known by the police to have violated the law on the same day and although no arrests have been made yet it does not follow that others will not be hauled up as soon as the required evidence has been procured. Chief Ruby is as earnest to enforce the law as he was when he first became Chief of Police and because no arrests have been made lately it does not follow that none will be made hereafter. 


Oshkosh Northwestern
October 1885


A Southside Resident Has A Narrow Escape

Sunday evening Joseph Nagel (Nigl), who keeps a grocery and sort of boarding house on Ninth Street was assaulted by Joseph Pefinger and narrowly escaped being cut open with a knife. Pfefinger, who was said to be a surly, ill disposed Bohemian, came to this city about three weeks ago from Schleisingerville and has been staying at Nagel's. Last night Nagel sent him away, but after a short time the Bohemian returned and called him outside. Upon getting within reaching distance of the grocery man he made a fierce lunge at him but the latter was too quick and struck his assailant away. Feeling, however that he was cut and fearing it to be serious, he cried out, whereupon Pfefinger ran away and has not been seen since. Examination showed that the knife had cut Nagel's clothes across his groin and scratched his skin slightly. Had it not been, however, for his quickness he would have been badly hurt. A warrant has been issued for his assailants arrest.

Translations of pages from the 1902 meeting book 

Second installment/ more next month

Thanks to Fred Schroeder


Alexian Brothers Hospital, corner Jackson and New York Ave.

One of the famous welfare Institute in Oshkosh is the Alexian Hospital. The same was established in the year 1884 and is managed by the Alexian Brothers. The building lays in a beautiful place and has room for 100 patients and is provided with all modern equipment. The medical treatment of the patients have experienced reliable Doctors. The present head is Br. Bernard Witwerding.

Page 63

Fest Officers of the first state meeting of the Youth Club of Wisconsin. 

Franz Bibl - Quarter Master-Committee

Franz Kellermann Corresponding and Financial Secretary

Franz Koblitz Treasurer

Johann Jungwirth -protocol secretary

Johann Pable - Fest President

Rudolf Kritz -Vice President

Josef Stutz- Chairman-Decoration Committee 

Franz Drexler-Chairman Welcome Committee 

Johann Drexler-Chairman  Entertainment Committee 

Gotfried Schneider- Marshall 

Joseph Reichenberger-Chairman Church Committee 

Michael Ostertag-Chairman -Printing Committee 

Christ Grabner- Chairman Finance Committee.

  page 75

Honorable Herr Johann B. Reindl.

Much deserved for the St. Vincent's de Paul parish has made himself the Honorable Herr Reindl. The same came here as the church property was going on auction, under his caution and willpower he made it possible to make the bankruptcy turn away.

The Honorable Herr was born 14 Feb 1826 in Hohenkemnat in Bavaria. After he absolved his theological studies, he was ordained to the priesthood on 8 Dec 1860. In the year 1885 the Honorable Herr celebrated his silver priest Jubilee under great participation in the St. Vincent church in Oshkosh. He gave the start to make , built the school bigger and just in the middle of his work hit his farewell hour. His fate would take him from his dear parish members. On 13 Dec. 1891 the bells of the St. Vincent's church announce that the shepherd suddenly must leave on a call of the almighty, with this destiny great sorrow befell  the hearts of the parish children, and the same was from all in high grade loved.

Page 31

The Reverent A. Wibbert.

Rev. A. Wibbert the present Parson of the St. Vincent' s parish was born In Stadtlohn, Westphalia in the year 1844. After he finished his classic studies at the Gymnasia in Munster, Westphalia, he immigrated to America. His philosophic and theological studies he made in Cincinnati, Ohio and Montreal, Canada. He was ordained to priesthood on 16 April 1876 in Leavenworth, Kansas.

His first place as priest was Selina, Kansas.

In the year 1881 the Rev. Wibbert left Kansas and joined the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. There he was in places of Dotyville, and Platteville, before he was transferred to Oshkosh where he is now blessed performing.


In every catholic family belongs a catholic Newspaper.

Seek your relatives, friends, acquaintances as readers for the "Columbia" to win. The best and riches Catholic Newspaper in America.

Issued since 1872 every Thursday in Milwaukee, Wi. Price annual which could begin anytime (for prepayment), $ 2.00; 6 months $ 1.00. To Europe Prepayment yearly $ 2.50; 6 months $ 1.25., The "Columbia" has 8 pages in the biggest format, is carefully edited and has the following advantage: extreme rich contained selected stories; own Home and Agriculture Part, complete market report; Postal report from the old Homeland. Newest Dispatch - information from every part of the world. Detailed reports of all daily happenings at home and abroad.

Free examples of the newspaper will be delivered on demand to any Address in America. We seek local Agents in every Parish. All letters to be directed to; Columbia Publishing Co.

Page 17

The honorable Mr. Bishop Jakobus Schwebach,

Was born 15 August 1847 in Vethorn. Great Dukedom of Luxemburg.

From Honorable Mr. Bishop T.L. Grace

On 16 June 1870 in St. Paul, MN. he was ordained as priest.

On 25 Feb. 1892 in La Crosse, Wi. from

Honorable Mr. Archbishop

Jr. X. Katzer he was appointed as Bishop of La Crosse.

Page 9.

The honorable Mr. Bishop Sebastian G. Messmer

Was born 29 August 1847 in Goldach,

Canton, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

On 23 July 1871 in Innsbruck, Austria

From the Honorable Mr. Bishop Zuber

Apostolic Vicar he was ordained.

On 27 March 1892 from the

Honorable Mr. Bishop Otto

Zarbetti of Newark, NJ. he was appointed

as Bishop of Green Bay.  

Page 7.

 St. Johannes Evangelist- Parish.

The St. Johannes Parish in Oshkosh is a branch parish of the St. Vincent Parish. In the Year 1893 the English speaking Catholic's, which were to this date members of the St. Vincent Parish, established their own parish. The first Rector of this young parish was the Reverent Morrissey. He made for 4 years separate mass for the members of the St. Johannes Parish in the St. Vincent church. Then was the present church built and blessed in the year of 1897. The church covers an area of 92' x 66' and provides for 400 persons seating space. The height is 80 feet. The church was built approximately at a cost of $ 9000. The St. Johannes parish has at present about 100 families.

Page 27

St. James Club # 509 of the Catholic Foresters.

This Club of the foresters, is by far the most blessed in the city of Oshkosh, has more than 120 members and in the financial situation stands on solid ground. The club was established in the year 1895 with 18 members. The present Officers are: E. R., Franz Victoris; B.E.R. Heinrich A. Henkel; P.E.R. Michael Duggan; Treasurer, Dr. H.L. Bender; Finance Secretary, Johann Brenan; Corresponding Secretary, John Kircher, Jr.; Trustees: J.E. Donelly, Theo. Fenrich, F. Murray;  Marshall's: M.Unmuth, Leo Hauer; Watchmen: John Leary, W.F.Webber.

Watchmen -could translate to Controller

Page 59


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