december 2004
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December 2004

Vol. 3 Issue 12

Oshkosh assessors office.  Search for properties, see pictures  But it doesn't work correctly. If you search for all houses on a numbered street you don't get all the results. So you have to search by specific address or owner name.


WINGS project

Zoom in and see aerial photos of Oshkosh

Here is a sample but you can zoom in much closer on site. Also available for Winnebago County.



wpe1.jpg (42443 bytes)

Attached is another picture that I received from Leona Novotny. It is a picture of my Grandmother Philomenia Spanbauer/Feirer, her sisters, Johanna Jungwirth Youngwirth, Mary Jungwirth Miller, Louisa Jungwirth Winklebauer, Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Plosel Spanbauer Jungwirth and brother Jacob Jungwirth.

wpe3.jpg (14345 bytes)

I was looking at the new photos from Richard Gotz that were on the June 2004 site and noticed the picture of Eleanor Kinderman and ? sister? The picture of the ? sister looked very similar to a Mary Jungwirth that is on a picture that I have in my possession. I have tried copying the picture into this email so possibly you can compare them. Hope it comes through clear enough. The picture that I have is a bit scratched but the face looks very much like the gal in your picture.  

Pictures from Carol Frohrib

wpe5.jpg (204359 bytes) I'm sending a picture of a band from Kuschwarda taken in 1930.  I don't know any of the musician's names.  But I thought it might be of interest.  The picture was from a photo collection from my mother's cousin Charles Bartmann.  He was cleaning out his basement.

Lauri D.
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