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January 2003

Vol. 2 issue 1

The Weekly Times

Oshkosh , WI

Aug. 19, 1893

Concert Saloon is no more

The proprietors leave the city and many uneasy creditors.

This city has after a few months visit gotten rid of one the most disreputable dives that ever disgraced Oshkosh by its presence. The joint referred to is the concert saloon, the proprietors of which absconded recently and left a host of creditors. Their name is Graf and four sons and a father composed the gang, and as far as can be learned were Bavarians who came to this city after making a reputation similar to the one they have left here in St. Paul. Immediately after their arrival they took every precaution to gain the good will of the local press and begged that their operations not be made public as they were poor and had invested a large amount of money in their establishment. On these conditions were several crooked actions withheld but now as they have gone and in such an unceremonious manner it may be proper to let the people of Oshkosh know what they have gotten rid of.

In the first place the joint would have been closed long ago had it not been for the foolishness of a greenhorn with considerable more money than brains. The man in question is a German, 21 years of age and a plumber by trade. He saved up about $3,000 in cash and besides this had considerable real estate. (Wow, That is really amazing for a 21 year old, even today.) To his everlasting sorrow he visited this place and one of the proprietors, a repulsive looking human being, began his slippery operations and for a time it looked as if he would get the whole $3,000 from his victim. By making a great deal of him the sharper induced him to come there each evening. He introduced him to the actresses(?) for whom he would buy anything they asked for. His money was theirs and he is known to have spent as high as $75 in that saloon in a single afternoon. In the evening he would again make a visit and would spend from $25 to $50. He succeeded  in getting the idea into the "suckers" head that he should have a wife and to help in the search for one he was given $50. In this way they managed to keep above water but as is proved $3,000 will not last long when being used in the above extravagant manner and consequently their sudden departure. Not long since, a watch was stolen from a man in the saloon. A TIMES reporter went there to investigate and they begged of him not to publish the fact as they desired to renew their license in the near future. The actions of one of the men were very guilty and he promised to repay the man or attempt to find the watch. All these assertions THE TIMES stands ready to prove should Messrs. Graf feel misrepresented. 

Their unpaid bills in this city amount........

 That is all I have copied.


German occupations you may encounter of your ancestors.

Here is a translation of occupations from the lists posted on the October Monthly Highholder. Translation by Fred Schroeder. Thanks Fred.

Forst Arbeiter- Forest Worker, Laborer,-(Forst –ƒ wooded region.

Ober Heger, ƒOber –head-above. Heger, comes from the word hegen,ƒ take care, cherish, foster, preserve. It is a title in a line of profession in taking care of forests, wildlife and related duties. This line starts: apprentice, Heger, Oberheger, Förster,- ( Forester,) Oberförster,-( Headforester). 
Hirschbergen had 3 Hegers and 1 Oberförster.

more information about the profession of HEGER, or OBER HEGER. They were also called JÄGER - Hunter. They were the workhorse of the forest. Overseeing the seeding growing re-planting of the trees. Marking the trees which had to be cut down. Stenciling the big long trees on the head with a number, logging the number in a book - because from this number the woodcutters and wood haulers were paid from. Marking trees for firewood for the local citizens. Overseeing wildlife-shooting old animals - watching for poachers. Arranging, Overseeing the flow of wood in the channel. And of course more.

Landwirt- ƒ Farmer.

Gastwirt- ƒ Innkeeper, sort of. (In all areas of Germany there are Gasthouses, ƒ Guesthouses, or  Gasthof,-(which is bigger) it would be comparable like here the Restaurants. The Gastwirt also is just called the Wirt, is usually the owner or manager, or Renter of a Gasthause.

Säge werk – saw mill.

Ober Lehrer – head teacher. (Ober explained above).

Tischler –cabinetmaker.

Ober forst verwaltung,- ƒ Head Forest Office,-Bureau.

Wagner –Carriage, sled maker.

Schmied –Blacksmith

Zimmerer – old name for carpenter.

Maschienen meister – machinist –master.

Eisen bahn arbeiter –iron road-path worker, railroad worker.

Zement waren erzeuger – Cement merchandise manufacturer

Fleischauer – butcher, meat prepare, meat cutter.

Maurer – mason, bricklayer.

Land wirt and Forst Arbeiter –Farmer, Forest worker. (Land Wirt-takes care of his land).

Holz schuh macher –wood shoe maker.

Holz hauer – wood cutter.

Heger’s Witwe – Heger explained above, Witwe – widow.

Kutscher- operator of a carriage with a team of horses, transporting people, also as joke sometimes called when they run off the road –bad kutschers.

Holz verlader- a worker who loads wood to any type of wagons, vehicles.

arbeiten –working.

Pacht – renting land, the payment for renting land or houses is also called Pacht.

Pacht Grund – rental ground, land.

Holz verladen – loading wood.

Brauerei Schwarzbach – brewery Schwarzbach. (Schwarzbach is a Village in the local area.)

Bäcker- baker

Lager Halter – warehouse manager.

Eisen Bahn – magazinneur,-ƒ railroad storage keeper, managing little warehouse.

Verkäufer – seller, also sales clerk.

Kaufmann –merchant.

Holz Transport  l ? ladung – wood transport load, ? l ?land.

Forst ober Verwaltung –Oberforstverwaltung is the same, explained above.

Kiosk – is a little sales stand.

Händler –dealer. Arbeiter –worker, laborer.

Schicherl –don’t know, could be misspelled.

Forst Arbeiter –a forest worker.      

Tabak trafik – is a place where you can pay tobacco products. In a Village at that time it was usually operated out of a Gasthause.

Eisenbahner – Railroad clerk, generally all people working by the railroad where called that .

Müller – Miller, mill operator.

Bürgermeister – Mayor of a town or city.

Gem.-Bote. Gemeinde Bote –messenger -someone who delivers a message  etc. 
Gemeinde: Municipality, parish, community.





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