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October 2002, Vol. 1, Issue 2

New pictures from an album of my Grandmothers. Can you identify anyone?

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 This looks like a double wedding. 

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The Weekly Times

Nov. 4, 1893


A Southside Bride Tires of her Husband in a Short Time

A German resident of the South side made a complaint about his wife to Chief Weisbrod. He said that she has left him and begged the chief's assistance to return her. Wednesday night she told her husband that she was going to visit a friend on Sixth street and that was the last seen of her. The husband claims that she is living on Fourth street and in his opinion she has no intention of returning.

The somewhat unusual part of the affair is that they enjoyed married life together only three days. The bride lacks a month and a half of being 17 years of age which probably accounts for the childish and inconsiderate manner in which she has treated her spouse. 

(I wonder who they were)



The University Archives and Regional Records Center at UW-O has a subscription to Ancestry.com. You can access the site by using the computers in the research area. The records available at the archives include Naturalizations, Marriages, Births etc. See archivist Joshua Ranger for help and more information. Visit their website: 

Oshkosh Archives and Area Research Center    

Also visit the site to see part of the 1912 Oshkosh in Motion movie.







I have seen the 1930 census. It has nice clean and sharp images on the microfilm. I have it on CD. Most Highholders are still in the 6th and 13th wards but they are starting to disperse.  I have found some in almost all other wards. 

There are several mistakes on the census. The most obvious is that our ancestors are now from Czechoslovakia. The census taker was instructed to record the current name of the country where the individual was born. But they also recorded that they spoke Czech as their mother tongue. That is wrong, they spoke German. 

One good point is that a few people also stated what village they came from. My great grand Uncle Englebert Winkelbauer says he came from Austria-Hirschberg, which is correct. 

Since there is no index it is very time consuming to search for individuals, so I cannot do lookups.

New pictures on the Obermoldau and Schattawa pages courtesy J. Lendle.



From the book: NUEOFEN am Plöckensteiner See.

For the villages of Nueofen, Gehäng, Nuehäuser, Langhaid, Haberdorf, Hirschbergen:

Residents at the time of expulsion in 1945.

These lists will move eventually to their village pages. The lists aren't straight because of the OCR reader. 

Ortschaft Neuofen

Namensverzeichnis der letzten Hausbesitzer- Bewohner aus dem Jahre 1945 der

      House #      Name           House name               Occupation

        1 Essl Anton                 Geiger                           Landwirt  
        1 Essl Berta                Geigerstibl                                           
        2 Stieglbauer Franz        Broad                             Landwirt  
        3 Schläger Franz             Klefas                           Forstarb.
        4 Meisl Adolf               Hegerhaus                         Oberheger 
        5 Moser Johann               Schule                           Oberlehrer  
                                     Oberlehrer Haus
        6 Müller Richard            Lirsen                           Landwirt 
        7 Schläger Josef          Lirsen Stibl                        Eisenbahner  
        8 Posset Johann       Hammerschmied                   Schmied  
        9 Pranghofer Josef          Boijogl                           Landwirt 
      10 Bernhard Maria       Hogregemstibl                   Arbeiterin 

  11 Böck Josef              Hogregem                           Landwirt  
  12 Mauritz Johann        Tulzepp                           Gastwirt
  12 Essl Josef
13 Egginger Franz             Müller                               Müller 
  13 Baier Anna          Müllnerstibl                                             
  13 Baier Rosa           Müllnerstibl                                               
14 Egginger Johann               Oltri                           Forstarb. 
  15 Kronewitter Rudolf      Bachti                           Landwirt  
  16 Schläger Josef          Gmoabau                           Forstarb. 
  17 Jungwirth Josef        Boweber                           Forstarb.  
  17 Bernhard Johann Boweberstibl                                          
  18 Essl Rudolf               Hammerl                           Landwirt  
  19 Sturany Rudolf  Hammerlstibl                           Forstarb.
  20 Schläger Johann              GalIi                           Forstarb.

  21 WebingerJohann           Tulzer                          Burgermeister

  21 Essl Franz             Tulzerstibl                          Maurer  
  21 Binder Karl            Tulzerstibl                                          
  22 Stieglbauer Franz               Lex                        Landwirt
  22 Müller Franz              Lexstibl                        Landwirt
  23 Essl Josef                       Heger                        Landwirt
  23 Schinko Franz         Hegerstibl                                        
  24 Springer Franz        Hegerstibl                        Forstarb. 
  25 Scheiber Johann              Feini                        Landwirt
  25 Habert Karl              Feinistibl                                       
  26 Essl Englbert      Bergschuster                        Landwirt  
  27 Stutz Franz                      Leal                        Landwirt 
  28 Stutz Engelbert          Lealstibl                        Forstarb.  
  29 Springer Franz                Riapl                        Landwirt
  29 Habert Franz           Riaplstibl                       ForStarb.
  30 Essl Franz                  Scheiber                        Landwirt

31 Essl Josef        Heiselschmied                           Landwirt
  32 Stutz Josef             Thomasl                           Forstarb.
  33 Schläger Alois Vinzenzlouis                           Forstarb.
  34 Essl Johann                Grofn                           Landwirt
  35 Kotanko Anna        Mothirs                           Landwirt
  36 Kotanko Anton Grofschneider                        Forstarb.
  37 Essl Franz         Griinerwold                           Landwirt
  38 Gubo Johann Oltrieam Boysteig                     Landwirt
  38 Herbst Marie       Oltriestibl                         Arbeiterin
  39 Jungwirth Jordan       Kuller                           Forstarb.
  40 Jungwirth Adolf  Kullerstibl                           Forstarb.
  41 Sturany Johann          Filipp                           Forstarb.
  42 Schläger Johann   Filippstibl                           Forstarb.
  43 Moser Johann   Volksschule                        Oberlehrer
  44 Egginger Jordan    Tompschi                         Kaufmann
  44 Habart Rudolf Tompschi (OG.)
  44 Müller Adolf Tompschi (OG.)
  45 Stieglbauer Josef Lorenzenzsepp                    Forstarb.
  46 Studener Josef Tischlersepp                            Tischler
  47 Bauer Jakob          Towirsen                           Landwirt
  48 Kern Ignaz     Towirsenstibl                             Maurer
  49 Müller Franz                Nazl                           Landwirt
  49 Müller Theresia    Nazlstibl                         Arbeiterin
  50 Essl Adolf       Lexschneider                           Forstarb.

  51 Schwarzenbergisches Schwemmh~iusle nicht bewohnt

  52 Stieglbauer Anna Gstögenbauer                     Arbeiterin
  53 Bauer Franz (Otto) Stoabaun                          Forstarb.
  54 Lex Johann Bergschusterstibl                          Forstarb.
  55 Essl Franz             Zipfbaun                           Forstarb.
  56 Essl Adolf     Hegerschuster                        Gem.-Bote
  56 Essl Franz
  57 Essl Franz                Wagner                             Wagner
  58 Kronewitter Josef Kronewitter                       Forstarb.
  59 Egginger Johann Hegermtihle                             B~icker
  60 Studener Rudolf Tischlerrudl                          Forstarb.
  61 Jungwirth Josef         Schiha                           Forstarb.
  62 Habert Rupert            Haisei                         Arbeiterin
  63 Stieglbauer Wenzl Lorenzsepp                        Forstarb.
  63 Essl Rosa   Lorenzseppstibl                         Arbeiterin
  64 Stutz Adolf Lealseppenschuster                     Forstarb.
  64 Stutz Josef
  65 Schinko Johann Fertl (Stutznhansl)                Forstarb.
  66 Hoffmann Karl       Fererbau                           Forstarb.
  66 Löffier Karl

67 Essl Gustav Heiselseppngustl                                         Forstarb.
  68 Kronewitter Rudolf Kosumgenossenschaft
  69 Bernhard Adolf          Tuifei                                         Forstarb.
  70 Deladio Englbert      Deladio                                         Forstarb.

  71 Schwarzenbergische Schutzhfitte,

             Gasthaus b. P1öckensteiner See

72 Stieglbauer Friedrich Bounfritz                                      Forstarb.

73 Arnold Karl Schwarzenbergisches Oberforst-

Forsthaus          verwalter

  74 Genossenschaftsmühle
  75 Gruber Rudolf
  76 Stutz Josef
  76 Hofmann Amalie
  77 Nader Josef
  77 Nader Franz
  78 Stiegelbauer Theodor
  79 Jungwirth Franz
  80 Bernhard Johann
  81 Mathe Alois
  82 Springer Franz
  83 Studener Ferdinand
  84 Studener Josef
  84 Bauer Franz
  85 Schläger Vinzenz

Ortschaft Gehäng

Namensverzeichnis der letzten Hausbesitzer- Bewohner aus dem Jahre 1945 der

House #      Name           House name               Occupation

1 Gruber Marie (Joh.)      Michl                           Forstarb. 
2 Trentl Johann              Gruber                           Forstarb. 
3 Habart Johann              Honso                         Land- und 
4 Czischek Franz               Sixen                           Forstarb.  
5 Bernhard Johann             Lusti                           Forstarb. 
6 Habert Franz                Greger                           Forstarb. 
6 Baier Wenzel         Gregerstibl                                         
7 Mauritz Josef                  Toni                            Forstarb
8 Bernhard Franz      Konallippl                           Forstarb.  
9 Schläger Rudolf  Grtinerwald                           Forstarb.
10 Mathe Anton               Stutzn                           Forstarb.  
11 Böck Franz        Böck/Becker                           Forstarb.  
12 Springer Wenzl          Moaxtn                           Landwirt  
13 Fechter Johann    Staunervogl                           Landwirt  
14 Müller Josef Hegerstfiblsepp                           Forstarb.  
15 Schläger Jakob    Lockerbaun                           Forstarb
15 Wick Emil     Lockerbaunstibl                           Forstarb. 
16 Jungwirth Mathilde Peternhanslseppm           Arbeiterin
17 Stieglbauer Franz    Schneider                           Forstarb.
17 Gruber Josef    Schneiderstibl                          Schneider  
18 Stieglbauer Vinzenz    Vizenz                       Holzschuh-

  18 Stieglbauer Otto                                                               
  19 Bauer Franz          Hulzinger                                         Forstarb. 
  20 Gruber Franz    Heisl Franzl                                         Forstarb.  
  21 Mauritz Karl  Schwarzenb.-                                         Kutscher 
  22 Schläger Josef Arbeiterhaus                                         Forstarb. 
  23 Müller Franz Heigl Arbeiterhaus                                  Forstarb.  
  24 EsslWenzl        Geigerwenzl                                         Forstarb.  
  25 Mauritz Franz    Tonifranzl                                         Forstarb.  
  25 Bernhard Josef Tonifranzlstibl                                                      
  26 Pranghofer Josef       Josefei                                         Forstarb.  
  26 Pranghofer Friedrich Josefeistibl                                                 
  26 Mauritz Berta    Josefeistibl                                                       
  27 Müller Franz Hewertlfranzl                                         Forstarb.
  28 Webinger Eduard. Webingertischler                                Tischler 
  29 Gut Richard                   Gut                                         Forstarb. 
  30 Stieglbauer Franz Lorenzschuster                                 Forstarb.
  31 Meisl Franz                Maisl                                         Forstarb.

                32            Habart Anton          Sixnjogl Toni
                33            Stieglbauer Englb.    Lorenz
                33            Bernhard Robert     Lorenzstibl
                33            M
üller Joh./Frieda  Lorenzstibl
                34            Essl Rupert             Hibelbaun
                34            Stutz Otto               Hibelbaunstibl
                35            Oberhansl Adolf     Oberhansl
                36            Mauritz Friedrich   Dulzeppnfritz
                37            Stieglbauer Josef     Baun Sepp
                38            Schläger Karl          Grtinerwaldkorl
                38            Schläger Franz
                39            Habart Jakob           Jogei Jako

Ortschaft Neuhäuser

Namensverzeichnis der letzten Hausbesitzer- Bewohner aus dem Jahre 1945 der


1 Herbst Franz                           H6schbau                      Landwirt und 

1   Herbst Friedrich                  Höschbaustibl                                  
2    Baier Franz                          Gallei                          Forstarb.  
3    Bernhard Franz                    Hirsljogl                      Forstarb.  
4   Jany Josef                            Jany/Gruber               Forstarb.   
5   Wimmer Josef                      Tanzer                        Landwirt    
6   Gabriel Johann                     Weisheiblbaun            Zimmerel   
7   Tanzer Johann                     Schuhmocher              Holzschuhm.   
8   Mauritz Karl                       Sawer                          Landwirt,     
9   Kern Adolf                          Deitsch                       Holzhauer    
9   Kern/Reiter                          Deitschstibl                                     
10  Kern Josef                           Baun                           Hol~auer      
11  Kern Josef                           Nachlinger                  Holzhauer     
11  Webinger Romann               Nachlingerstibl                                    
12  Stini Franz                           Andresen                                         

13  Holmann Josef/Wenzel Schusterlerl                       Holzhauer      

14  Lackinger Johann                 Rechlheger                  Holzhauer  
14  Bernhard Franz                                                                              
14  Fechter Josef                                                                               
15  Paule Wilhelm                                                                               

15  Fleischmann Hermine

16  Alte Kanzlei

17  Herbst Eduard

18  Wimmer Karl

18  Fechter Eduard

18  Feichtinger Marie

18  Raschko Johann

18  Mauritz Anton

18  Marko AdoIf

18  Matejka Alois/ Tanzer Barbara

19  Feichtinger Franz

  19    Stutz Raimund

20 Müller Jakob

21    Wimmer Franz

22    BöhmFranz

23    Bahnvorstandsgeb.

24    Bernhard Marie

25    Stutz Franz

26    Müller Franz

27    Bayer Wenzel

28    Sykora Josefa

29    Hartl Josef

30    Pranghofer Josef

31    Benesch Marie

32    Spannbauer Josef

33    Pranghofer Karl

34    Richter

34    Köpl Ernst

34    Gabriel Franz

35    KernJosef

36    KallalFranz

37    Auer Ludw~

38    JungbauerAnton

39    Wagner Wenzl

40    Müller Josef

41    Maschinenhaus

42    Herbst Karl

42    Habert Johann

43    Tschechische Schule

44    Forstverwaltung

Ortschaft Langhaid

Namensverzeichnis der letzten Hausbesitzer- Bewohner aus dem Jahre 1945 der


1      Jungwirth Josef

2      Matejka Franz

3      Jungbauer Johann

4      Jungbauer Stanislaus

5      Koydl Eduard/Arnold

6      Koydl Eduard/Arnold

7      Reischl Paul

8   Siegl Adolf

9   Schwarz Karl

9 Seidel Maria 

10 Reiter Ludwig 

11 Bednar Richard

11    Gaisbauer Franz

12    Maier Otto

12    Jungwirth Franz

13    Olzinger Rudolf

14    Lex Alois

15    Stutz Alois

16    Fleischmann Franz

17    Jungbauer Johann

17    Stieglbauer Josef

17    Müller Rosa

18    Habert Joh./Josef

19    OsenKarl

20    Kovar Josef

21    Hartl Josef

22    Mauritz Franz

22    Stieglbauer Julie/Karl

22    Bernhard Walter

23    Gruber Anton

Ortschaft Haberdorf

Hausbesitzer- Bewohner aus dem Jahre 1945 der

Haus Zu- und Vornamen Nr.

1 Stutz Vinzenz                     Einser                                  Forstarb.  
2 Schläger Reimund        Benhachtel                                  Forstarb.   

3 Pendelin Johann/Emma Michl                                         Landwirt   

3 Pendelin Josef                bei Michl                                  Forstarb.   
4 Troiber Johann        Bachtelondrie                                  Landwirt    
5 Fechter Josef                        Peterl                                  Landwirt    
   Fechter Franz
6 Manritz Josef                      Oltrie                                  Forstarb.    
7 Jungwirth Franz             Honersen                                  Landwirt   

7 Poidinger Fritz/Hermine bei Honersen                            Forstarb. 

8 Trentl Johann                    Seppen                                  Forstarb. 
   Trentl Karl
9 Gut Karl
   Paster Johann                      Hirsel                                  Forstarb.     
10 Poidinger Franz       Ontrie Franzl                                  Forstarb.    
11 Gut Josef                  Wenzl Josef                                  Forstarb.      
12 Jungwirth Josef              Stummer                                  Forstarb.    
13 Pangerl Johann                     Lippl                                  Forstarb.      
13 Bauer Rudolf                Lipplstibl                                                       
14 Langtaler Gottfried              Heger                                  Forstarb.      
15 Dichtl Eduard                      Nazei                                  Landwirt       
16 Jungwirth Johann         Hondloisn                                  Landwirt      
16 Schläger Rudolf      bei Hondloisn                                  Landwirt      
17 Poidinger Karl            Ondrie Karl                                  Forstarb.         
18 Schinko Anton               Heilstoni                                  Forstarb.      
19 Kraus Josef                         Kraus                                  Forstarb.      
20 Trentl Otto                  Seppnotto                                  Forstarb.    

Ortschaft Hirschbergen

Namensverzeichnis der letzten Hausbesitzer- Bewohner aus dem Jahre 1945 der

1 Stini Karl        Schmierbrenner                                         Forstarb.   
1 Stini Franz Schmierbrennerstibl                                       Forstarb.  
2 Stini Franz Schmierbrennerstibl                                       Forstarb.     
3 Pasta Rudolf          Toni Lippl                                         Forstarb.  
3 Fechter Alois  Toni Lipplstibl                                         Forstarb.  
4 Schläger Otto                 Grof                                         Forstarb.  
5 Bernhard Franz   Seppmfronz                                         Forstarb.   
6 Tanzer Rudolf             Tanzer                                         Forstarb.        

7 Pendelin Franz       Hirslfronz                           Forstarb.                  
8 Fechter Franz            Toumerl                           Forstarb.                
9 Jungbauer Wenzl Lenznwenzl                           Forstarb.
10 Schläger Rudolf Pforermeiner                            Forstarb.         
11 Schwarz Jordan            Wostl                           Forstarb.       
12 Müller Johann    Prager-Hans                           Forstarb.       
12 Saumer Franz
13 Binder Oswald Schwarzenberg-                       Oberheger        
14 Saumer Karl      Hinterfechter                           Landwirt        
14 Mauritz Krenn    Fechterstibl                           Forstarb.          
15 Fechter Anton  Vorderfechter                          Gastwirt,    
16 Schwarz Wilhelm          Poferl                           Landwirt         
16 Fechter Johann      Poferlstibl                           Forstarb.         
16 Tanzer Rudolf       Poferlstibl                           Forstarb.         
17 Fechter Karl             Klapschi                           Forstarb.     
17 Bauer Heinrich  Klapschistibl                           Forstarb.      
18 Mick Karl               Schulhaus                        Oberlehrer        
19 Pendelin Jakob Zimmerseppm                          Forstarb.       
20 Stini Ludwig               Ludwig                         Sägewerk     
21 Bauer Josef                    Baun                           Forstarb.       
22 Schlorhaufer Josef Groismichl                           Forstarb.      
23 Bernhard Josef       Kloamichl                           Forstarb.    

24 Binder Karl                  Bachtl                    ~    Forstarb.      

24 Bauer Karl             Bachtlstibl                           Forstarb.       

25 Plechinger Heinrich Schwarzenberg                        Heger          
26 Stadelbauer Johann Stadelbau                           Forstarb.          
27 Schröder Johann        Schröda                           Forstarb.      
27 Bernhard Maria  Schrödastibl                           Forstarb.       
28 Schlapschi Karl         Tischler                            Tischler
29 Schwarz Franz       Heislfranz                           Forstarb.
30 Müller Johann Miiller Johann                           Forstarb.          

                        31            Fechter Franz          Baunfranz
                32            Bernhard Anton      Seppntoni
                33            Hirsch Wilhelm       Forsthaus
                34            Schwarz Johann      Heislwagner
                35            Schwarz Joachim    Jachim
                36            Pasta Wenzl            Pastawenzl
                36            Schl
äger Reimund  Pastawenzlstibl
                37            Bernhard Josef        Kloamichlsepp
                38            Schl
äger Anton      Pforermeiner Toni

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